• To create, acquire and disseminate knowledge, fostering skills and global competence among the students, through the intellectual facilitators, teachers and mentors, the “Gurus”.
  • To provide holistic science education through well structured relevant programmes, learner centric approaches, pedagogic innovations, along with the adoption of modern technologies and strategies.
  • To provide dedicated qualified and competent faculty, state-of-art infrastructure and other support facilities to facilitate better learning and research activities.
  • To motivate teachers and students to develop research culture and undertake scientific investigation to realize their scientific creativity, contributing to sustainable development as a means of better life and living.
  • To inculcate lived values, culture, morality and spirituality in the heart of youths to foster universal brotherhood, patriotism, righteous living and selfless service through the practice of “ATMIYATA” and “Gurukul”.
  • To protect and promote Indian culture, heritage, and respect Indian Constitution and global charter of human rights and environmental protection.
  • To make youth self reliant and productive through proper employment or entrepreneurship, ultimately in the service of society and humanity.
  • To establish linkages and collaborations for the betterment of the educational process and objectives.
  • To promote strategies and activities towards the overall personality development of youth, through defined student support and welfare systems.
  • To facilitate cultural, sports and community development activities involving all stakeholders, as a means of institutional social responsibility.
  • To aim at innovations and adopt best practices to move towards excellence.

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