Principal’s Message

K. D. Ladva

As one of the oldest colleges in the region, Shree Manibhai Virani and Smt. Navalben Virani Science College has attained eminence above every seat of learning, and won the praises of the academicians, patrons, philanthropists, bureaucrats, elected representatives of the state and men of wisdom from different beliefs by virtue of its antiquity, curriculum, doctrine and privileges.

Till 1960, the available academic facilities in the Saurashtra region were sparse which persuaded Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj, Rajkot with righteous endeavors to inaugurate Shree Manibhai Virani and Smt Navalben Virani Science College in June 1968 by offering Chemistry as a principal subject at UG level under the aegis and endowment of Virani Family. To start with, since 1968 the college is affiliated to Saurashtra University.

From its early days, the college encountered many tumbling blocks of administration, management, fiscal crisis in its academic itinerary to provide learners with joyous experience. The late 20th century was said to be an era of academic conviction, scientific and technological revolution. Still the chronicle of growth and development was negligible. Hence almost after a decade of its establishment Yogi Divine Society of Haridham in Sokhda village of Baroda district which has been rendering its benevolent services took over Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj trust and started managing Shree Manibhai Virani and Smt Navalben Virani Science College since 1988 with its sanctified ideals of Samp – Suhradbhav – Ekta – Atmiyata. (Harmony – Brotherhood – Unity – Spirituality). H.D.H. Shree Hariprasad Swamiji as the president of Yogi Divine Society, Baroda has been providing the dynamic leadership, direction and divine blessings.

Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj aspired to revitalize its intact academic set up and brought in paradigm changes with coordinated efforts of all its personnel under the versatile leadership of the trustee and Hon. Secretary P. P. Tyagvallabh Swami. Additional programs were added in course of time to the science stream to grow and develop further under grant in aid and self financed mode. The college was included under 2(f) and 12 (B) of UGC in 1967 and 1989 respectively.

These 25 years since 1988 onwards have been a period of academic escalation in Shree Manibhai Virani and Smt Navalben Virani Science College. The college has made thoughtful investment in creating and strengthening infrastructural facilities to facilitate teaching, learning and research.

It is not just academic excellence that offer the college its special character but also it’s well thought out curricular system which underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support for the students. This fusion fosters the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires much of the outstanding research and development suited to confronting many of the complex challenges thereby making Shree Manibhai Virani and Smt. Navalben Virani Science College a prominent learning place. This is reflective of its accreditation at ‘A’ grade by NAAC in the year 2007, status of ‘Star College’ by MST-DBT in the year2009-10 and status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ by UGC in the year 2010-11 and DST FIST programme in 2012-13.

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