Goals & Objectives

  1. Realization of the dream of education for one and all.
  2. Meaningful, purposeful scientific, technological and value based education for holistic development of youth leading to the creation of world class scientists and human resource with humane quality and global competencies.
  3. Creative and positive academic ambience amidst the state of art physical infrastructure, learning resources, support facilities and services, supported by qualified and competent human resource.
  4. Realization of the vision on critical thinking, creativity, living in harmony with existence leading to the development of self and society through lifelong learning.
  5. Blending education with spirituality to move hand in hand towards universal brotherhood, peace and happiness of all, as a harbinger of socio-economic change.
  6. Promotion of sincerity, regularity, discipline and duty as well as all aspects of redefined spirituality – righteous way of life, values, ethics and self less service, towards eternal bliss “Sat-Chit-Ananda”.
  7. Developing an affectionate Atmiya, to transform everyone Atmiya, through Gurukul practice of “Atmiyata” – a process of simple living, high thinking and enjoyment in service and sacrifice.

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