The institutional policy on Quality Assurance is as follow:

  • To aim at excellence in higher education in the field of science and global expectations.
  • Preparation of a perspective plan for the institution for holistic development of stake holders.
  • To impart relevant and need based knowledge and skills.
  • To introduce need based professional / job oriented interdisciplinary courses with updated curriculum.
  • To adopt blended learning (traditional and ICT enabled e-learning) and learner centric strategies, pedagogic innovations of the day.
  • To recruit required number of teachers, enhance their qualification competence through their relevant FDP / SDPs.
  • To give emphasis to continuous internal assessment, learning abilities and internalization of knowledge rather than memorization.
  • To promote research culture, provide adequate infrastructure and to enhance research output.
  • To enhance and strengthen physical facilities infrastructure, up-gradation and digitalization of library and its resources, ICT facilities and their maintenance round the clock.
  • To strengthen student support services and enhance their activities and achievements.
  • To provide transparent management, decentralized decision making and implementation, generation and judicious usage of financial resources, strengthening HRD & M.
  • To give emphasis to value and moral education.
  • To develop innovations and implement best practices for the enhancement of quality and a more towards excellence.
  • To seek autonomous status to the college.
  • To enhance enrollment of women.
  • To update and develop a clean, neat and green campus with 100% protection.
  • Round the clock maintenance of the campus during working hours.
  • To undertake internal and external A-A-A and financial audit on regular basis for mid- term review and correction.

The Institution accepted these quality policy perspectives in letter and spirit in post accreditation initiatives. Seminars, workshops and motivational intellectual interventions were conducted to bring in attitudinal change and mindset of stake holders to move from complacency and comfort zone to enhanced and expected global bench markers of attainment. The management, staff and students responded very positively for these initiatives.

There is a need for a coordinating, monitoring, regulating pivotal agency to implement as well as internalize these quality initiatives. Hence, as per the guidelines of NAAC, IQAC was constituted in 2007-08. Since then it is effectively functioning to achieve its goals and objectives. IQAC is the institutional internalizing means Quality Assurance and Enhancement.

IQAC is a mechanism to formulate and implement quality initiatives at the institutional level. Every Higher Educational Institutions must have a domestic quality assurance system, with suitable constitution and processes, and there should be enough flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the stakeholders. The IQAC has become a means for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the HEIs. The IQAC channelizes and regulates the efforts and procedures of the institution towards academic excellence. It is not only hierarchical structure or record-keeping exercise in the institution but also a facilitative and participative organ of the institution. The IQAC has thus become a driving force for steering in quality.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell monitors the quality parameters and ensures that the standards of excellence reflected in the vision and mission of the college are met and continued. It has institutionalized a number of quality measures in academic and administrative sectors. Techno-centric teaching-learning, Academic Audit, Feedback mechanism, Quality enhancement involving the students and the staff are some of the initiatives of the IQAC.

    1. The constitution of IQAC is as follow:

    2.  Principal:01
    3.  Teachers: Head of the Departments: 09
    4.  Senior administrative officers:03
    5.  Members from the Management:02
    6. Academic Advisor:01
    7. Nominee from local society:01


  1. IQAC member of sister Institution: 02
  2. Senior Staff members of the college: 02

The IQAC accentuates on the Total Quality Management of the Infrastructure, Administration as well as student’s holistic development.