Syllabus and Regulations


Sem I

Functional English-I

Core 1: Fundamentals of Microbiology

Core 2: Cell Biology

DSE Allied-1: Chemistry-I

Core Practical – I- Basic Techniques in Microbiology I

DSE  Allied-1–Practical Chemistry-I

Sem II

Functional English-II

Core 3: Basic Biochemistry

Core 4: Microbial Growth & Control

DSE Allied-2: Chemistry-II

Core Practical – 2Basic Techniques in Microbiology II

DSE  Allied-2: Practical – Chemistry II


Advanced English Language – I

Core 5: Microbial Ecology and Diversity

Core 6: Agricultural Microbiology

Core 7: Food and Environmental Microbiology

DSE Allied -3: Animal Science

Core Practical – 3

Basic and Applied Microbiology

DSE Allied -3: Practical – Animal Science

Sem IV

Advanced English Language – II

Core 8: Microbial Metabolism

Core 9: Analytical Techniques

Core 10: Immunology

DSE Allied – 4: Plant Science

Core Practical – 4Microbial Metabolism, Analytical Techniques and Immunology

DSE Allied -4 Practical

Plant science

Microbiology Outreach activity

Sem V

Core 11: Medical Microbiology

Core 12: Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Core 13: Microbiology and Health Care (Self Study)

Core 14:CBT (Computer Based Test for Core Courses of Sem I to IV)

DSE-Core 1 Quality Assurance and Quality control  /

Bioethics & IPR

Core Practical- 5Medical Microbiology & Bioinformatics

DSE-Core 1 –Practical

Quality Assurance and Quality Control /

Bioethics and IPR

Sem VI

Core 15: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Core 16: Industrial Microbiology

DSE Core  2 Advances in Microbiology / Fundamentals of Research Methodology

Core Practical- 6 Industrial Microbiology & Molecular Biology

DSE Core  2 Practical Advances in Microbiology / Fundamentals of Research Methodology


AECC-1: Environmental Science

SEC-1: Value Education for consciousness development

Research Project / Training / Internship

Generic Elective-1- From Common UG Pool


Sem I

  • Core 1: Biomolecules
  • Core 2: Microbial Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Core 3: Microbial Diversity and Evolution
  • DSE ID:Statistical Methods /Data Analysis Tools for  Life Sciences
  • Core  4-Combined Practical-1: Microbial Diversity, Physiology and Metabolism
Sem II

  • Core 5:Molecular Biology
  • Core 6: Analytical Techniques
  • Core 7:Immunology and Medical Microbiology
  • Core 8 :Microbial Metabolism
  • DSE ID:Industrial and Environment Management / Chemical Technology
  • Core 9: Combined Practical-2:Immunology, Molecular Biology and Instrumentation

  • Core 10:Microbes and Agriculture
  • Core 11: Industrial Microbiology
  • Core 12:Gene Manipulation Techniques
  •  Core 13:Microbial Ecology(self study)
  •  DSE Core:Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology  / Bioinformatics
Sem IV

  • Core 14:Food and Dairy Microbiology
  • DSE Core:Pharmaceutical Microbiology/Advanced Molecular Techniques




  • Online / Professional certification courses/STC
  • Value Education
  • Research Proposal Presentation
  • Project/Adv. Practical/ Internship/Training
  • Summer Training
About the Department
  • The Department maintains the legacy of providing quality education for 27 years
  • The largest department having highest student strength
  • One of the oldest setup for microbiological studies at Saurashtra region
  • The department consistently produces rank holders (top 10) at Saurashtra University
Best Practices
  • Intensive course structure and integrated teaching-learning process

  • Follows outcome based education (OBE) based curriculum

  • Offers induction for fresher’s and remedial classes to overcome difficulties

  • Integrates human values for personal development as a part of curriculum

Departmental Highlights
  • Offers an array of programs and courses in UG and PG level

  • Highly qualified and motivated faculty members

  • Posses excellent infrastructure and lab facilities

  • Offers a range of Co-curricular, Value added courses for skill development

  • Strong Alumni base. Alumni are placed in high positions in diverse fields.

  • High placement record for UG and PG students
  • Summer placement of students to various industries and institutes
  • Participation in various Conference/Workshops etc
  • Department regularly organizes inter-departmental and inter-college events for students.