Program Specific Outcomes

Sr.No. Program Specific Outcome for M.Sc. Microbiology
1 In depth understanding of basic and applied aspects of microbiology
2 Develop inclination towards own professional goals over a wide range of career options expanding from R&D, Industrial or Govt. sector or as an Entrepreneur
3 Ability to retrieve biological information through data mining and data handling
4 Familiarized with latest and advanced tools and techniques of biological sciences.
5 Capacity to develop, employ and integrate technical and professional skills as a member of team withholding the essence of collaboration, cooperation and integrity.
6 Analysis of scientific issues across the spectrum of related disciplines
7 To independently be able to formulate research projects on microbiology and allied interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary fields through literature search, finding research gaps and framing objectives in order to strive for innovation
8 Acquire skills specific to microbiology and allied fields for converting information to knowledge through hypothesis, design, execution and analysis
9 Capability to contribute acquired knowledge leading to find a suitable solutions for an existing problem
10 Uphold the responsibility as a global citizen maintaining professional and ethical values
11 Understand microbiology as a social endeavor in context to bringing about harmony with nature
12 Ability to upgrade knowledge independently and act upon means of improvement for life long learning
About the Department
  • The Department maintains the legacy of providing quality education for 27 years
  • The largest department having highest student strength
  • One of the oldest setup for microbiological studies at Saurashtra region
  • The department consistently produces rank holders (top 10) at Saurashtra University
Best Practices
  • Intensive course structure and integrated teaching-learning process

  • Follows outcome based education (OBE) based curriculum

  • Offers induction for fresher’s and remedial classes to overcome difficulties

  • Integrates human values for personal development as a part of curriculum

Departmental Highlights
  • Offers an array of programs and courses in UG and PG level

  • Highly qualified and motivated faculty members

  • Posses excellent infrastructure and lab facilities

  • Offers a range of Co-curricular, Value added courses for skill development

  • Strong Alumni base. Alumni are placed in high positions in diverse fields.

  • High placement record for UG and PG students
  • Summer placement of students to various industries and institutes
  • Participation in various Conference/Workshops etc
  • Department regularly organizes inter-departmental and inter-college events for students.