Goals & Objectives

The goals of the program in Biochemistry are to prepare undergraduate students with the relevant and applicable knowledge in the core biochemistry areas (i.e. general, analytical, biochemistry, organic, and physical); the critical thinking skills and the technical laboratory skills in preparation to contribute to society and work in the health professions (e.g. medical, pharmaceutical, dental, osteopathy, ophthalmology, and other health-related professions), as skilled biochemists and science researchers, or for entry into postgraduate degree programs (M.S. or Ph.D.).

About the Department
  • Pioneer to Start Biochemistry Programme in Saurashtra.
  • Successfully completed 25 years.
  • 90 % of students occupy good reputed positions in various fields of Life Sciences
Best Practices At Department
  • Peer Teaching
  • Concept Mapping and Mind Mapping Techniques with Practical Hands On Training.
Department Highlights / Exclusive
  • 98-100% Result since the inception of program
  • 75-80 % Students pursue post graduate studies in reputed universities
  • Every Year 2-3 Students clear National level competitive exams.
  • In 2016 One of the student Ms Madhuri Parmar got Bronze medal in Shooting competition at national level
  • In 2017 Ms Aneere , Student of TY got selected for International Student exchange Program to Singapore under NCC.