Career Opportunities / Scope of the Program

Career Opportunities:-

There are vast opportunities for the aspirants who have passed
B. Sc. Mathematics. They can pursue their higher studies in different areas. They can also look for jobs in different fields in private and public sector.

Scopes for Higher Studies after B.Sc. Mathematics

  • There are various options available for B.Sc. Mathematics graduate to pursue their higher studies. Details of best higher studies options for B.Sc Mathematics graduates are given below.
  • Sc/Ph. D: One of the most prefered higher studies option available for the B.Sc Mathematics graduate is to do Master’s Degree in Mathematics followed by Ph.D or M.Phil. Thus they can find a promising career in academics and/or research field.
  • MCA: Master of Computer Application (MCA) is the best higher study option for the B.Sc Mathematics graduates who wish to pursue their career in IT sector. Research Agencies like Defense Research and Development Organization prefer MCA graduates with Mathematics background in their Remote Sensing Centers. So MCA is a good higher study option for the graduates in B.Sc. Mathematics.
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a good higher study option for the B.Sc. Mathematics graduates who wish to pursue their career in Management field. If they do the specialization in Finance in MBA, then they can reach up to higher positions like Chief Finance Officer in Corporate Sector.
  • Ed. : This is also one moretraditional option for B.Sc. Mathematics graduate as there is a good scope to get job as a Mathematics teacher in high school, higher secondary school(if candidate is M.Sc. ) and colleges also.
  • A candidate with B.Sc. mathematics is naturally a graduate of course; hence he/she may opt for a attractive career in any government jobs where minimum qualification is science graduate.

Scopes after M.Sc.  Mathematics

  • Those who have done M.Sc. with mathematics can either continue with M.Phil. or Ph.D. in mathematics.
  • They can opt to join B.Ed. in mathematics and science.
  • They can get very good opportunities in the field of academics at various level including secondary schools, higher secondary schools, undergraduate colleges and post graduate departments of university.
  • They can get wonderful opportunities in the field of insurance sector where actuaries are required with mathematical and statistical expertise.
  • They may opt to appear for various entrance examinations for appointment in defense forces including army, navy and air forces.
About the Department
  • The department of mathematics (of Shree ManibhaiVirani and Smt. NavalbenVirani Science College) was established in year 1968.
  • Initially mathematics was thought as allied course for B.Sc. Chemistry and other UG programmes.
  • The department started offering Mathematics as a principle subject from year 1994 at UG level.
  • Department started offering M.Sc. Mathematics programme since academic year 2016-2017.
Best Practices at Department

Student centric approach of imparting mathematics education

Comprehensive discussion of all courses of studies.

Ample opportunities given to the students to express and develop in a guided environment.

High level syllabus of UG and PG programmes including the content of examinations like NET, SLET and IIT-JAM.

Department Highlights / Exclusive

Well-furnished class rooms with modern ICT facilities including smart digital classrooms.

Highly qualified ample staff for teaching at UG and PG level.

Well-equipped computer laboratories and rich library.

  • Regular organization of various Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities involving mathematics.
    1. Rangoli Competition on Mathematics -2017
    2. Poster Competition on Mathematics-2018
  • Every year students of the department of mathematics participate in large number and win prizes in various state level and national level seminar, symposium and conferences mathematics.
  • Recent year’s student of the college won many prizes in state level and national level mathematics competitions.




Syllabus under preparation to be uploaded later.