About Value Education

Course Objectives

This introductory course input is intended

  • To help the students appreciate the essential complementarily between ‘VALUES’ and ‘SKILLS’ to ensure sustained Happiness and Prosperity, which are the core aspirations of all human beings
  • To facilitate the development of a Holistic perspective among students towards life and profession as well as towards Happiness and Prosperity based on a correct understanding of the Human reality and the rest of Existence. Such a holistic perspective forms the basis of Universal Human Values and movement towards value-based living in a natural way

Thus, this course is intended to provide a much needed orientation input in value education to the young enquiring minds.

Value Education Journey at Atmiya Campus

  • In February, 2014 we sent 3 faculty members to attend the 3rd international conference on Human Values at PTU.
  • In April 2014 again 4 faculty members were sent to Gedu, Bhutan to attend the workshop.
  • In April/May 2014 8-days orientation program was conducted at PSIT Kanpur, in which 20 members were deputed.
  • 4 faculty members attended the 4th ICHVHE, in March 2015 at Gedu College of Business Studies, Gedu, Bhutan.
  • Then, we had National Conference on Human Values in Higher Education (NCHVHE) on 29th Sept, 2015 at AGI Rajkot.
  • ICHVHE-2016 was attended by 170 participants from 13 countries organized by Atmiya Group of Institutions.
  • After that 18 faculties are allowed to do Adhyayan at Abhyuday Sansthan, Hapud, U.P.