Healthy Practice

  1. Two Manuals for Practical for Sem I to IV.
  2. Teachers meet regularly to students of various semesters for academic and personal counseling.
  3. Dr. B. A. Joshi was a senate member of the University. He is a member of AC & Ex. Committee member of AIFUCTO.


Future Plans of the Department:

  • To form College Level Physics club
  •  The club will organize the following activities

– Wall magazine                      – Quiz related to Physics

– Invite expert lectures            – Career Guidance lectures

– Exhibition

  • For staff members

–  To attend more and more Seminars, Workshop, Conference, Symposium for updating subject.

–  To strengthen Research activities and collaborations.

–   To offer physics as a main subject at UG and later to start M.Sc. Physics.

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