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Title Blood grouping And Hobinaemog of all the Students of Microbiologyas well as school on the campus Going beyond curriculum and class room by Teaching extra Practical to students which are either as demonstration in the syllabus or are allied one Formulation of Research group of the faculty pursuing Ph.D and those who are Ph.D guides Student mentors- students are allotted UG students who are doing small projects. Seniors guide juniors in research, literature survey and thesis writing
Goal Data base for future emergency and for student’s knowledge To give extra skill  to the students  which may give  them an edge  over others in their higher  studies or research To discuss the constrains, technical and others in research and for knowledge sharing To make PG students Feel important and responsible and to  make UG student  aware of the work they will have to perform in coming years
Context Participation of students  in blood donation camp  and registration as  volunteers in blood  banks These techniques are  very essential when  students go for in-house  or other dissertations Such practice motivate those who are lagging behind the schedule and encourage those who are doing remarkable work This has made PG students more responsible and UG students more dedicate and hard working as they are continuously under the scrutiny of their seniors. This also allows the continuation of the UG work in absence of faculty
Practice Students of UG and PG are required to take  these tests conducted by the students of final  year under supervision  of the Departmental faculty and external experts Students are divided in  groups and each group is made to perform the  experiment The group meet once a month and discuss the work done so far, objectives to be achieved and the problems faced by them One PG student is assigned 2-3 UG groups and the PG student is in direct contact with the faculty.
Evidence of Success Many students respond to the emergency call for blood donation by medical institutions Better performance  in dissertation work  as well as in industry  when they go for employment More paper publications, all faculty pursuing doctorate degree UG students complete their work in time and have clear fundamentals. The seniors work hard to prove their worth
Problems encountered Hesitancy of the students Availability of the  material and time  from the regular academic schedule Constrain of time Acceptance of seniors as their mentors by UG students and their common free time
Remarks Very Successful and popular Very useful to the students when they go for higher studies Very fruitful as it is based on the principle of knowledge shared is knowledge gained. The juniors have become clearer in their thinking as they remain in touch with their seniors.

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