• Microbiology is the branch of science that deals with the study of very small living forms called MICRO ORGANISMS as they can be viewed only through microscope.
  • It is the core discipline/subject for advanced and research oriented studies in the field of Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Agriculture Science, Pharmaceutical industry, Forensic Science and Medical Science.
  • The study of this subject becomes especially important and necessary as these small living creatures are very intimately associated with our lives both in a beneficial as well as harmful way and are present everywhere.
  • Microbiology explains the role of microorganisms played in our day to day life and contributes to various areas like Dairy, Food, and Pharmaceutical, in Environmental monitoring, Forensic Science, Medical Research Agriculture and Biotechnology as a Basic Science.
  • Gujarat is the Pharmaceutical hub of India with maximum industries and research centers located at various regions of the state. Many of the multinational companies have their production and R&D units in Gujarat.
  • Microbiologists are required in these industries in various departments and under varied capacities. It is made mandatory by the government to have a Microbiologist in such units for production, processing, effluent treatment and management and other environmental issues.
  • Microbiology is offered at undergraduate and post graduate levels by many institutes in Gujarat but ours is the only UGC recognized and government granted institute in Saurashtra region. The college runs undergraduate as well as post graduate & COP – Certificate courses in Microbiology.
  • Department is also offering Ph.D. and dissertation guidance & facilities to students of State Universities.