Research Projects

Total Grants received UGC – Rs. 7.93 lakh
01 Major + 2 Minor ongoing + 01 Minor completed

Nature of the Project Funding Agency Grants Received Remarks
Major RP:Dr. K. D. Ladva UGC 5.03 lakh On going 13-07-2012
Minor RP:Studies on some heterocyclic compounds of Therapeutic Interest- PI: Dr. D.M. Purohit UGC F-No: 47-775-2009 (WRO) 2.00 lakh Completed                                          02-12-2009 to 02-12-2012
Minor RP:Dr. A.U. Patel & Dr. D. J. Kaneria UGC 0.85 Lakhh On going 25-02-2013
Minor RP:Dr. m. S. Vadodariya UGC 0.90 Lakhh On going 2013
Total Grants received UGC 8.78 lakh 01 Major +02 Minor ongoing+01 Minor completed

Research Proposal Submitted:

Major Research Project Funding Agency/Grant in Rs. Title
Dr. N. P. Kapuriya UGC-MRP. Rs. 20.58 Lakh Submitted on 27/10/2013 Design, synthesis and anticancer evaluation of functionalized Indoles as multi-kinase inhibitors.
Dr. N. P. Kapuriya MST-Swrna Jayanti Fellowship Rs. 45.96 Lakh Submitted on 08/05/2013 Synthesis and biological evaluation of new small molecule kinase inhibitors as potential anticancer agents.
Dr. M. A. Ambasana AYUSH-MRP. Rs. 21.40 Lakh submitted on 21/10/2013 Isolation, Analytical study and Anti-Cancer Insight of Annona Muricata

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