Ongoing Research Projects

National Level: UGC sponsored Major Research Project: 01 (Rs. 5.03 lakh)
National Level: UGC sponsored Minor Research Project: 01 (Rs. 0.90 lakh)

Name of Faculty Nature & Sponsoring Agency Grants Received Title of the Project
Dr.K.D.Ladva Major RPUGC SL No. 41-298/2012 (SR), Dt:13-7-2012 5.03 lakh Development & Investigation of O/N/S-heterocyclic scaffolds as potent anti-inflammatory and anti-tubercular agents.
Dr.A.U.Patel & Dr.D.J.Kaneriya Minor RPUGC FNo.47-273/12 (WRO) 25-02-2013 0.85 lakh Synthesis, Characterization & Biological Activity Studies of some new Heterocycles derived from Chloro Quinoline Scaffold.
Dr.M.S.Vadodaria Minor RPUGC FNo.47-273/12 (WRO) 25-02-2013 0.90 lakh Synthesis, Characterization & Physical property Studies of some new Liquid crystals including binary system.

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