Ongoing Research Projects

  • National Funding Agencies.

Ongoing Projects : UGC Major – 1(13.36 Lacs) , Minor –4 ( 7.02 Lacs) Total = 5 Projects (20.4 Lacs).

Sr.No Name of Faculty Title of Project Funded by(In Rs.) Date of Starting
1 Neha Patel & Shivani Patel Association Mapping of % Oil content in seeds of Jatropha curcas L. using EST derived microsatellites Markers UGC-Major(13,36,800) 18th July 2012
2 Nutan Prakash Detection of Xenotropic Murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) in prostate cancer patients of Saurashtra Region” UGC-Minor(1,80,000) 24th July 2012
3 Leena Ambasana Isolation, characterization, identification and Screening of Lipase producing Psychrophiles UGC-Minor(1,75,000) 19th April 2012
4 Hiren Sherathiya Establishment of hairy root culture and suspension culture of Asparagus racemosus for the production of saponin UGC-Minor(1,70,000) 30th Aug 2012
5 K.P.Senthil Genetic polymorphism of GST and Cyt-p450 xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and susceptibility to head and neck cancer in the Saurashtra Kutchch population of Gujarat UGC-Minor(1,77,000) 7th Aug 2012


  • Completed Projects: UGC Minor ( 4.35 lac)
Sr.No Name of Faculty Title of Project Funded by(In Rs.) Status
1. Ravi Ranjan Studies on Antioxidant activity & Phytochemical extract of Aegles marmelos UGC- Minor(1,75000) Completed
2. Shivani Patel Study of genetic diversity among Jatropha curcas using Molecular Marker UGC-Minor(2,00,000) Completed
3. Nilkanth Faldu Isolation & Characterization of Cynobacteria from Gujarat State UGC-Minor(60,000) Completed


  • Applied Projects(DBT Major, Scitech PG Students -5)
Sr.No Name of Faculty Title of Project Funded by(In Rs.) Date of Starting
1. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh Development of a streptomyces based broad spectrum biocontrol fungicide for control of late leaf spot and root rot of Arachis hypogaea DBT-Major(36,65,000) Applied
2. Gunjan Mehta and Dr.Apexa Patadiya 2 Minor projects by Faculty Members UGC –Minor(2,00,000 each) Applied
3. TY students- KVPY M.Sc. Sem II KYPY- UG GUJCOST SCI-TECH UG Students 06 PG Students 05 (1,00,000) Applied

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