• Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary applied science of 21st century.
  • It is an amalgamate of genetics,  microbiology, information technology, bioprocess engineering, tissue culture technology, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, economics & management.
  • This field aims at transforming biological inputs into commercial outputs and new products as well. There are rapidly increasing opportunities for application of biotechnology in manufacture of medical and veterinary products, chemical, food, energy, pollution control and waste management.
  • Among the developing countries India occupies a leading position in the field of biotechnology. Keeping in view the scenario of biotechnology in India, the UGC has designed and launched a course in Biotechnology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • The institute is pioneer in offering B.Sc. (biotechnology) course at UG Level in Saurastra and Kachchh region since 1999. Moreover, it is the only college in entire Gujarat which is awarded with UGC assistance for M.SC. (biotechnology) under innovative programme -Teaching and research in interdisciplinary and emerging area, in 2004. The department also offers COP-Certificate & Diploma in PTC & Molecular biology and Bio informatics.

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