Syllabus & Regulations

Under Graduate Course- B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem I  

B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem II

Title of Paper
Functional English-I
CC 1:Cell Biology
CC 2: Biomolecules
DSE-Allied 1: Chemistry-I
Core Practical 1: Cell Biology Practical
Core Practical 2: Biomolecules Practical
DSE-Allied Practical 1: Chemistry –I Practical
AECC-I : Environmental Science
SEC-I: Value Education -I
Title of Paper
Functional English- II
CC3: Fundamentals of Microbiology
CC4: Cellular Metabolism
DSE- Allied 2: Chemistry -II
Core Practical3: Fundamentals of Microbiology Practical
Core Practical 4: Cellular Metabolism Practical
DSE- Allied Practical 2: Chemistry-II Practical
AECC-I : Environmental Science
SEC-I: Value Education -II
B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem III B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem IV
Title of Paper
Advanced English Language -I
CC -5: Genetics
CC -6: Environmental Biotechnology
CC -7: Mathematics for Biologist
DSE- Allied 3: Plant Science
Core Practical 5: Genetics & Environmental biotechnology Techniques
DSE- Allied Practical 3: Plant Science Practical
Title of Paper
Advanced English Language – II
CC -8: Analytical Techniques
CC -9: Plant Biotechnology
DSE- Allied 4: Animal Science
Core Practical 6: Analytical Techniques Practical
Core Practical 7: Plant Biotechnology Practical
DSE- Allied Practical 4: Animal Science Practical
Lab to Land
B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem V B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem VI
Title of Paper
CC10: Bioprocess Engineering
CC11: Molecular Biology
CC 12: Physiology (Self Study)
DSE-Core 1: Molecular Diagnosis and Drug Designing / Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Core Practical 08: Fermentation Techniques and Molecular Biology Practical
DSE-Core Practical 1: Molecular Diagnosis and Drug Designing Practical / Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Practical
CC 13: CBT
Generic Elective -I
Project / Internship / Training
Title of Paper
CC14: rDNA Technology
CC15: Bioinformatics
Core- 16: Immunology
DSE-Core 4:

Food and Dairy Science / Animal Biotechnology

Core Practical 10: Molecular Techniques Practical
DSE-Core Practical 4: Food and Dairy Science Practical / Animal Biotechnology: Practical
Project / Internship / Training
Generic Elective -II

Post Graduate Course- M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Biotechnology  Sem I M.Sc. Biotechnology  Sem II
Title of Paper
Core 1: Molecular Cell Biology
Core 2: Biomolecules
Core 3: Microbiology
Discipline Specific Elective – Interdisciplinary (DSE- ID) Statistical / Data analysis tools in Life Sciences
Combined Practical (Core)- 1 :

Biochemical and Microbial Techniques

Competency Enhancement Courses (CEC – I)

 Online / Professional certification courses/STC*

Value Education
Title of Paper
Core 4: Molecular Biology and Genetics
Core 5: Analytical Techniques
Core 6: Immunology
Core 7: Metabolism
DSE- ID : Industrial and Environment Management / Chemical Technology
Combined Practical (Core)- 2:

Molecular Techniques

CEC – I Online / Professional certification courses/STC
CEC – II  Research Proposal Presentation
Life Skill Courses (LSC) Value Education
M.Sc. Biotechnology  Sem III M.Sc. Biotechnology  Sem IV
Title of Paper
Core 9: Recombinant DNA Technology
Core 10: Cell Culture Technology
Core 11: Bioprocess Technology
Core 12: Bioethics and IPR (Self Study)
DSE core 3 & 4: Environmental Biotechnology /  Agriculture Biotechnology
Project/Adv. Practical/ Internship/Training
Generic Elective (GE)
CEC – I Online / Professional certification courses/STC
CEC- II  Summer Training
Title of Paper
Core13: Bioinformatics
DSE Core 1& 2: Advanced Molecular Techniques / Food and Dairy Technology
Project / Adv. Practical/Internship/


CEC I Online / Professional certification courses/STC



CC: Core Courses , DSE- ID: Discipline Specific Elective – Interdisciplinary, CEC: Competency Enhancement Courses, LSC: Life Skill Courses , AECC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course,DSE: Discipline Specific Elective,SEC: Skill Enhancement Course


About the Department

The Department of Biotechnology offers graduate, postgraduate and Ph. D programmes which imparts fundamental as well as real world problem solving approach to its students for the development and betterment of the society.

Best Practices at Department

Over last decade the Department of Biotechnology has engaged students in various beneficial and innovative activities such as Lab to Land, Periodical Newsletters, Creative Assignments, STAR Projects, and Internship Programmes at campus, Earn While You Learn scheme, Research Proposal Writing and SOP preparation for various laboratory instruments.

Department Highlights/Exclusive

The department facilitates students with an enormous infrastructure to enable nearly five hundred students each year to learn and explore various aspects of biotechnology with the aid of several sophisticated instruments and techniques.

We are pioneer in exposing students to Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics and Animal Tissue Culture techniques in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. We motivate the students to aim for sustainable development by encouraging recycling of waste into useful products such as Recycled Paper and Flowers' preparation from agriculture waste.



Department of Biotechnology is proactively engaged in student placement and pre-placement training. Department has organized several pre-placement training programmes in association with training and placement cell of the institute. The institute has signed a MOU with MNCs like Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad for student training and placements. Many alumni of the department have served in these MNCs at high level positions for years which, have built reputation of this institute as epicentre of skilled human resource.

Major recruiters at Department of Biotechnology include Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad, Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Baroda, Reliance Life sciences, Mumbai, TATA Consultancy (TCS) Ltd., Gandhinagar, Sarjan Biotech. Pvt. Ltd., Bhuj, Span Diagnostics, Surat, Excel Cropcare Ltd., Mumbai, Claris Pharmaceuicals Ltd., Ahmedabad, Amneal Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad, Enzene Bioscience, Pune, Adani Masala Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot, Oceanic food ltd., Jamnagar, GVK- EMRI, Ahmedabad and many more. Our students have also joined several academic organizations for teaching and research career. Department has catered the need of skilled human resource for industries and organizations from the sectors like Biopharmaceutical, Healthcare, Agriculture, Food, Environmental Management, Information Technology with more than 50% candidates opting for a career in industry and academics.

Placement records of PG Students:

Year Progression

To Higher Studies

Company Academics Entrepreneur

or Family Business

Competitive Exam Preparation Job Seeker
2013-2014 19% 25% 31% 5% 20% -
2014-2015 5% 54% 31% - 10% -
2015-2016 25% 15% 40% 5% 15% -
2016-2017 22% 24% 22% 12% 20% -
2017-2018 10% 15% 25% 15% 35% -

Contribution of department for the placement and training of students:

YEAR COMPANY No. of Students Selected
2013-2014 Oceanic Food ltd., Jamnagar 1
St. Xavier College, Ahmedabad 1
Lupin, Pune 1
Shree M. & N. Virani Science College, Rajkot 2
Glenmark Pharmaceutical Ltd 1
Somnath Academy, Gir Somnath 1
Sigma Educational Network, Porbandar 1
Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd, Rajkot 1
Total 9
2014-2015 Modi School, Rajkot 1
Civil Hospital, Lab technichian, Gandhidham, Kutch 1
Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad 1
Sola Civil Hospital, Lab Technician, Gandhinagar 1
Dedicated Academy Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot 1
Sola Civil Hospital, Lab Technician, Gandhinagar 1
Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad 1
Allen Career Academy, Ahmedabad 1
Amneal Pharmaseuticals, Ahmedabad 1
School of Science(SOS), Rajkot 1
Total 10
2015-2016 R. K. University, Rajkot 1
MBRC, Jamnagar 1
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar 1
Ishan Bio Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad 1
Swastik School, Rajkot 1
Anhox helath care, Rajkot 1
Dholakiya School, Rajkot 1
Dept. of Botany, Shree M. & N. Virani Science College, Rajkot 1
R. K. University, Rajkot 1
School teacher, Chotila 1
MSN Labs, Rajkot 1
Total 11
2016-2017 Adani Masala Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot. 1
Sarvoday Science College, Rajkot 1
Gardi Vidyapeeth, Rajkot 1
Zydus Cadila Ltd, Rajkot 4
PGVCL, Govt. of Gujarat 1
Abott Ltd., Rajkot 1
Shree M. & N. Virani Science College, Rajkot. 1
Enzene Bioscience, Pune 1
Aastha Science School, Jasdan 1
Total 12
2017-2018 GVK EMRI 02
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad 01