Biology is most ancient basic science. It has branched by Botany (Plant Science) and Zoology (Animal Sciences). Both branches create curiosity in humankind as soon as Modern man was originated. This curiosity is incising day by day in humankind till a day because of it has number of biological branches likewise, Taxonomy, Embryology, Cytology, Histology, Physiology, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, etc. Thus, the Biology is main shoot for the Life-science tree, which having with number of basic and applied branches. Even though, it has solution of recent all the problems of environment, economy, society, behavior, health and wildlife.

The Botany majorly provides a foundation on knowledge in the life sciences with emphasis on plant systems. It helps to learn the diversity of life, the structure of plants, ecosystems and it’s interaction with other branches, how they function (i.e., the acquisition, flow, organization and uses of information, energy and nutrients in living systems) and the scientific method and how it facilitates the discovery of new knowledge in Botany and Biology, including how to critically evaluate hypotheses and conclusions.